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One Man Production House



The Spiel Way

Spiel Productions specializes in event videography / photography and video production. Whether it’s your wedding, birthday party, ad campaign, or company training, Spiel can help you capture and edit a project to your expectations with an artist’s touch.


Production House

What’s in the Spiel wheel house? Take a look at the services page for more detail.


The Creative’s Pursuit

Spiel Productions has a focus on storytelling through simplicity and authenticity. The goal of each production is to capture those one-of-a-kind moments, which make us smile, cry, and laugh with our friends, family, and coworkers. We do this by discussing your vision for the project and ensuring that our video/photo coverage does not get in the way of the special event. We pride ourselves on thoughtful shots and simple post production work - what you get is a natural result that is true to the event and captivating as well. Additionally, we carefully consider the unknowns and prepare ourselves for any scenario and will deliver your creation timely with your requested edits.

About Spiel Productions


Hey! I’m Neal, the founder of Spiel. When I was just 10 years old, my father bought me a handheld camera, which became my pride and joy. I started making short videos with friends and family, everything from James Bond reenactments to highlights of family trips to India. As I grew up, I kept making fun videos, honing my craft as a video editor and learning photography along the way too. Eventually, I realized that I wanted making videos to be my life’s work, so I started Spiel Productions. What you see here is my dream, making videos and making memories too.

Production Gear

We use high end video, photo, and audio gear to achieve a high quality creation. All video is shot on a Canon C100 Cinema camera, and all photography is done on a Canon 70D. Lenses, stabilizers, and other accessories are used to help get the right shot. For some of Spiel’s recent creations, check out the link below.